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Sunday, January 27, 2013


And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine.
(Matthew 25:25)
We live in an increasingly complex society bottled down with many challenges. Fortunately, here we see in the message of this parable that God's desire is to bless His people with the abundance that they deserve. Know this! With every life lesson, you will discover that money is supposed to bless every aspect of your life so that God's power may be manifested in you. You will also understand all aspects of life and how they pertain to your development.
Three Ways to Denounce "I Can't"
Here are three things to do when you want to say you "can't" do something.
  1. Find an Alternative - My parents wouldn't cut me slack to save a life when I was a kid. With that upbringing both my Mom and Dad strived to show me that there are options in this world to complete something. If you can't complete a task, find a new way to complete it, whether it's through attitude or just by asking others on what they do to complete the task. One of the most beautiful and awesome things about this world is to have options.
  2. Learn -Instead of giving up on something, why don't you learn to fulfill the task in hand? When learning, you broaden your span of thinking and your ability to help others.
  3. Change Your Attitude- I think this is the most important rule out of the three, change your attitude if you keep making excuses. Ask yourself, "Why can't you do this?" If the answer is just something as, "I don't know" then re-evaluate the situation and use the empowerment of your mind to push forward. Attitude is everything, if you wake up with a slouchy mind; I firmly believe, in return, you will be a slouch throughout the rest of that day. If the situation however is more complex, write about ways you can do whatever you want to do, talk about this with the people you love, or even go and make art about your fears of why you "can't."

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